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Beat limescale<br>with the Amfa4000® Beat limescale<br>with the Amfa4000®
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Beat limescale
with the Amfa4000®

Wonderfully soft water, it tastes much better.
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Wonderfully soft water, it tastes much better. Wonderfully soft water, it tastes much better.

Beat limescale with the water softener alternative, the Amfa4000®

Enjoy delicious water at home with the Amfa4000® from You will notice immediately that the water causes less scale. Within a few weeks you will see no new scale formation. The compact system can be installed within 5 minutes. The magnetic field then prevents the scale from adhering to your pipes and plumbing. So you no longer have problems with limescale in your bathroom, your water tastes better and household appliances last longer.

The benefits

  • Nice and soft washed clothes
  • Tea and coffee taste better
  • Savings on the energy bill


Mounting can be done on any type of pipe such as PVC, copper, flexible pipe and steel with diameter from 12mm to 42mm.

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With tremendous force, the magnets ensure that Calcium and Magnesium do not crystallize.

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Our system comes withstandard  a solid 10-year full warranty and 100-day money-back guarantee.

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"Fantastic, it really works"

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All my laundry feels much softer now.
Verified user
All my laundry feels much softer now.

Lower energy costs and comfort

Less scale is formed on the heating elements of, for example, your water heater or kettle. As a result, it takes less time for the water to reach the right temperature and you save on your energy costs.

Cleaner sanitary facilities and crockery and therefore less work and cost savings

Because there is less scale on taps, tiles and dishes, you need less detergent and soap for cleaning. You notice this in the water, which foams more readily when these products are added.

Appliances last longer

The reduction of limescale ensures that your appliances last longer and you save money.

Cleaner environment and cost savings

Reduced consumption of energy, detergents and cleaning products not only saves you money, but also contributes to a cleaner environment.

Softer clothes and comfort

Less scale in the water makes clothes feel less stiff after washing, clothes last longer and wear less quickly. You also need less detergent and save on costs.